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Sentinel City


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A city, no matter how large it is, is a diva organism with its own needs and problems. He lives around the clock and various processes take place in him. Some are repeated day after day, while others come and go. In the game Sentinel City, you will become a watchman of a virtual city and will perform various tasks that arise during the life of the city and townspeople. Together with the bus driver, you will travel around the city streets. Your view is carried out from a seat next to the driver. You will see how the city is waking up, pedestrians rushing on business, policemen. Who keep order and right in front of you they will catch the offender. By clicking on the window on the left in the upper corner, you can find out who lives in the houses, how many of the townspeople are military veterans, disabled, sick, healthy and so on. These indicators will change depending on your actions and even inaction.

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driving, bus, 3d, simulator, transport, street

Added: 2 September 2020 | Played: 363 times